seit 2003               Kennel Ray of Sunshine's
Ray of Sunshine's 


Sunny Delight's Team Squad/Ray of Sunshine's Nordic Star Nari

 Dreams Tonight Dajo    
 Dreams Tonight Derby    
 Dreams Tonight Djego    
 Dreams Tonight Duna    


Ray of Sunshine's Finally Felicity Filou/Ray of Sunshine's Rhythm inside Rheava 

 Calm'N'Crazy Calvin    
 Calm'N'Crazy Carek    
 Calm'N'Crazy Cato    
 Calm'N'Crazy Cayus    
 Calm'N'Crazy Choco    
 Calm'N'Crazy Caisy    
 Calm'N'Crazy Cayou    
 Calm'N'Crazy Chelsa    
 Calm'N'Crazy Ciwi    
 Calm'N'Crazy Cloe    

BB-Wurf *13.03.2019

Sunny Delight's Team Squad/Ray of Sunshine's Teeny Princess Taily 

 By My Side Balou    
 By My Side Bo    
 By My Side Bailey    
 By My Side Bayou    
 By My Side Bella    
 By My Side Biala    

AA-Wurf *3.11.2018

Sunny Delight's Team Squad/Golden Countryside's The Exotic One 

 AA-Team's Aramis A2/A2 1/0  
 AA-Team's Alva A2/A2 0/0  
 AA-Team's Ambra A2/A2 0/0  
 AA-Team's Assya A2/A2 0/G  


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