seit 2003               Kennel Ray of Sunshine's
Ray of Sunshine's 


Sunny Delight's Team Squad/Ray of Sunshine's Nordic Star Nari

 Dreams Tonight Dajo    
 Dreams Tonight Derby    
 Dreams Tonight Djego    
 Dreams Tonight Duna    


Ray of Sunshine's Finally Felicity Filou/Ray of Sunshine's Rhythm inside Rheava 

 Calm'N'Crazy Calvin A2/A1 0/0  
 Calm'N'Crazy Carek B1/B1 0/0  
 Calm'N'Crazy Cato A2/A2 0/0  
 Calm'N'Crazy Cayus A1/A1 0/0  
 Calm'N'Crazy Choco B1/B1 0/0  
 Calm'N'Crazy Caisy A2/A2 0/0  
 Calm'N'Crazy Cayou B2/B1 0/0  
 Calm'N'Crazy Chelsa C1/C1 0/0  
 Calm'N'Crazy Ciwi B2/C1 0/0  
 Calm'N'Crazy Cloe C 0/0  

BB-Wurf *13.03.2019

Sunny Delight's Team Squad/Ray of Sunshine's Teeny Princess Taily 

 By My Side Balou A1/A1 0/2  
 By My Side Bo C2/D2 G/0  
 By My Side Bailey B1/B1 0/0  
 By My Side Bayou A2/B2 0/0  
 By My Side Bella A2/A2 G/G  
 By My Side Biala A1/A1 0/0  

AA-Wurf *3.11.2018

Sunny Delight's Team Squad/Golden Countryside's The Exotic One 

 AA-Team's Aramis A2/A2 1/0  
 AA-Team's Alva A2/A2 0/0  
 AA-Team's Ambra A2/A2 0/0  
 AA-Team's Assya A2/A2 0/G  


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